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Lead Staff

Freeman Fry

Orion Mattia
Partner & Executive Chef

Cody Manuel
Executive Chef + Kitchen Manager

Dixie Williford
Floor Manager


Re-Inventing asian fusion,
in the southwest

The concept behind Agave Grille is very simple: food which is delicious, nutritious, beautiful & satisfying to the body and soul - never boring, different daily and an opportunity to be creative with food & really enjoy the dining experience.

Asian food is enjoyed communally. Ingredients are selected for quality & freshness. The sauces & condiments distinguish the cuisine & culture. Sharing food in times of abundance or poverty fosters relationships and goodwill.

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Bernadine Tamayo

Constance Middleton

Francis Trejo

Stephanie Renteria


Doloris Heredia

Dustin Woods

Luis Castillo-Ruiz